I have been a friend and client of Maryanne’s for some time now. In fact it is hard to remember how and when she came into my life as it was just a smooth transition. How to describe an enigma like Maryanne? And even more challenging, how to describe the experience with her? I think that is how it must be described, as an experience. You may wind up with going to a number of sessions, depending on your goal and the nature of what the challenges are, but overarching it all is an experience. One that can be a catalyst for change and growth in your journey. She brings together an eclectic blend of skills she’s learned, practical knowledge she’s gathered, and intuitive gifts she’s nurtured to hold space for you at that time. Meaning each session you have is designed for you, where you are at, at that moment in time. She is able to interact with all aspects of you, even the ones you may not be aware of or keep hidden from public view, and do so in a way that may challenge your comfort zone at times but still keeps you moving forward. Speaking as a fellow traveller and teacher/healer, not every teacher or healer is right for everyone, timing is everything, and experiences are personal. You may not feel drawn to each person that shares their skills with the world, but should you be drawn to her, Maryanne is a very talented teacher/healer that can give you an experience that you understand at a higher level is just what you need to move ahead in your journey. 

SB Nov 2019

For quite some time I’ve been suffering with neck and back pain from sitting at a desk for long periods of time.  I’ve also been feeling energetically stuck, and knew I was in need of deep healing.
I was fortunate to meet Maryanne in 2011 while we were enrolled in the Holistic Health Practitioner program at MacEwan University, and I knew she was the one who could help me heal.
Maryanne is highly intuitive and is sensitive to the needs of those around her.  During my cranio-sacral session with her, she made me feel so safe, peaceful and calm that I was able to be vulnerable and allow buried emotion come to the surface.  I was able to experience the deep healing and energetic release that I so desperately needed. 
Following the session, I was unbelievably relaxed and felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of me.  I also had increased mobility in my neck and my pain was gone!
The care and attention Maryanne provides is unlike any I have experienced before.  She truly is gifted.
For these reasons, I trust Maryanne implicitly and highly recommend her services. 

CH – Aug 2019

Thanks again for the wonderful massage and reiki. You have a gift!

DM Aug 2019

Going into my first reflexology session with Maryanne, I was quite unsure of what to expect. I was stepping into unknown territory experimenting with the whole “taking time to take care of myself” thing. It was a foreign thing and I felt guilty at taking that time and spending money to simply feel a bit more relaxed or less stressed. It was so much more than that. Though I did feel relaxed and less stressed after the session, I also found a new awareness at my need to de-stress, to relax, and to take care of myself. These sessions are just so much more.

DM – Apr 2018

Maryanne has been such a blessing to me. Every treatment surpasses my expectations and gives me just what I need to thrive in this big, beautiful life. She is extremely intuitive, and is very talented in her execution of both physical and energetic treatments. She is trustworthy and very caring, but also challenges you to reach for the best version of yourself. I would highly recommend her- she’s a shining star.

DV Feb 2019

I have been receiving treatments from Maryanne for several years. She has helped to ease many of my issues; from headaches to pelvic issues and back pain. Maryanne has also suggested ways for me to provide care for myself between treatments. She is very caring and attentive to my concerns. I always look forward to our sessions.

CP 2016