About Maryanne

Maryanne Doucette
I am a Holistic Health Practitioner who wants to reach out to people who just want to get the f*$% on with their lives and stop the bullshit that has been holding them back for years.  Whether it is physical, emotional and mental, if you are just so sick of hitting the wall, let's talk.

I believe that there is usually an easier way for people to get through the day. Whether that is with less physical pain, less stress, or more enjoyment. I believe we have a divine right to abundance, love and bliss. For many that may feel like just too much to shoot for, but what if you could just be 10% happier than you are right now? What would that look like? And what if you repeated that increase consistently for 5 years. Where would you be? What would your life look like? I believe this is an idea worth exploring and I believe my purpose is help those wanting to take those steps to elevate their lives to that next level.