Maryanne Doucette

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner who wants to reach out to people who just want to get the f*$% on with their lives and stop the bullshit that has been holding them back for years.  Whether it is physical, emotional and mental, if you are just so sick of hitting the wall, let's talk.

I believe that there is usually an easier way for people to get through the day. Whether that is with less physical pain, less stress, or more enjoyment. I believe we have a divine right to abundance, love and bliss. For many that may feel like just too much to shoot for, but what if you could just be 10% happier than you are right now? What would that look like? And what if you repeated that increase consistently for 5 years. Where would you be? What would your life look like? I believe this is an idea worth exploring and I believe my purpose is help those wanting to take those steps to elevate their lives to that next level.

I specialize in a few areas:

Mind - suffering from anxiety, depression, panic attacks, habits or patterns that are no longer serving them, those trying to manage their energy or vibration in relation to others (certain people "make" you feel a negative way), communication, or self expression.

Body – specializing in areas of pelvic health (lower back, digestion, elimination, fertility) and neck and jaw issues (migraines, headaches, tmj, snoring, sinus problems).

Spirit – people working towards understanding their purpose, developing or understanding their connection the their divine, developing a spiritual practice, yoga and Ayurveda therapy.

Who I want to work with, is this you?

  • willing to dedicate 30 mins a day to homework in the form of self work
  • come consistently - it took time to get off track, it will take time to get back on.  This is not a magic bullet where you just come once
  • sometimes come in emergent situations when you are struggling - have to be willing to reach out for help if you need it
  • you get excited enough about your progress to spread the word and encourage your friends to come see me too!
  • you show up on time  and ready to go - your mind is open and willing
  • you are open to challenge your status quo and actually do something differently
  • you are NOT a victim - "poor me", "it's someone else's fault", "nothing ever changes" - if this is what you are saying to yourself, I am not the practitioner for you!
  • have a current – noticeable situation in your life so you can measure the shifts of change you will experience when working with me

There are many paths to wellness.  Here are my tools:

  • Abdominal Massage, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT®)
  • Yoga
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure
  • Indian Head Massage
  • CranioSacral Massage

What you get from working with me

In addition to learning a set of tools to help manage all areas of your life, you will get results in the form of:


  • perception shifts so there is an improvement in their management of low vibration feelings
  • better boundary health
  • improved relationship management
  • better self expression


  • better digestion
  • freedom from pain areas
  • improved menstrual cycles
  • better mobility
  • reduced or elimination of snoring


  • open up to new ideas about their existence, your dharma
  • getting better at hearing your inner voice
  • improvement in your understanding of energy and your energy body
  • learning Ayurvedic principles and incorporating them into your life for better relationship with food, yoga, your dosha
  • tapping into the ancestral knowledge available to you through spirit

How I do it

I work with each person as an individual – your plan of care is not cookie cutter. Everyone is unique, therefore your needs are as well. Some of the consistent pieces in that care plan are done with energy movement by adding Reiki to any type of therapy I do. I will also use reflexology to help distract the physical body or put them into a state of relaxation while I interact with their inner healer by listening to the inner wisdom and follow where it leads me. I give feedback about the messaging I get and use conversation to feel where you may be stuck or being less than truthful with yourself. I also use cranio sacral techniques as well as abdominal massage to work with areas in the lower back and pelvis.

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